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Onne Multipurpose Terminal Welcomes Largest Container Ship to Eastern Ports

Onne port records largest container ship to eastern ports
Onne port records largest container ship to eastern ports

The Onne Multipurpose Terminal (OMT) recently made history by hosting the largest container ship to ever conduct full operations at an eastern port within the Onne Port Complex.

The colossal vessel, named KOTA CEMPAKA and owned by Pacific International Lines (PIL), measures an impressive 300 meters in length and boasts a capacity to carry 6,600 TEUs of containers. During its maiden call to Onne Port, the ship efficiently loaded and discharged over 2,000 containers filled with Nigerian imports and exports.

James Stewart, Chief Operations Officer of OMT, expressed pride in the terminal’s capability to handle such massive vessels, emphasizing the global trend of shipping lines employing larger vessels to achieve economic efficiencies.

Jacob Gulmann, Managing Director of OMT, underscored the collaborative efforts between OMT and NPA to accommodate these larger vessels. He commended NPA’s dedication to ensuring a water depth of 12 meters in the port, essential for accommodating the new generation of vessels calling at Onne Port.

Gulmann lauded OMT’s contribution to Nigeria’s logistics sector since its inception in 2021, highlighting its role in reducing vessel waiting times, doubling container capacity, and enhancing competition to benefit all customers.

The achievement, Gulmann emphasized, was made possible through the cooperation of OMT’s stakeholders both locally and internationally. He extended his gratitude to all partners and commended OMT colleagues for their dedication and hard work.

OMT, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including deep-water berths, mobile harbor cranes, terminal trucks, and the latest IT systems, stands as a testament to Nigeria’s commitment to advancing its maritime infrastructure and enhancing its position in global trade.

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