Rivers 2019: Tonye Cole Resigns from Sahara Group

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Billionaire Businessman, Tonye Dele-Cole, who was recently adopted to represent the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the Rivers state gubernatorial race for 2019, has resigned his position as the chief executive officer of Sahara Group.

In a letter dated September 1, 2018, the company stated on its website that Cole’s resignation was to allow him venture into main stream politics. Sahara Group distanced itself from Mr Cole’s decision citing that t was personal as the company and its staff do not engage in political matters. The company wished Mr Cole a successful endeavor in his newly chosen career path.

Here is a full text of the Company’s letter:

Sahara group tonye cole
Sahara Group Logo

Lagos, Nigeria.

September 1, 2018.

The Board and management of The Sahara Group of Companies wishes to inform the general public and other stakeholders that one of our co-founders and Executive Director, Mr. Tonye Patrick Cole has formally informed the Board of his decision to participate in active politics.

The Sahara Group wishes to state for the record that as a non-political and non-partisan group, it is not affiliated to any political party in any country we operate in and does not engage in Nigerian politics.

Mr. Cole’s decision to participate in active politics is his individual preference and choice to which he is entitled.

In accordance to Sahara Group’s Corporate Governance Charter and International best practice which prohibits any of our key Management or Board members from partaking in active politics, promoting or supporting any particular political organization or ideology, Mr. Tonye Cole has resigned all his Board appointments and day to day responsibilities for the Sahara Group companies and its affiliates with immediate effect.

We take the opportunity to further re-iterate that the Sahara Group of Companies is a non-political organization and has never had any political ties or affiliations to any political party, group or personalities whatsoever in Nigeria or in any of the jurisdictions in which we have business activities.

We are a business focused on delivering value and quality services to our customers, stakeholders and the economy through innovation, efficiency and global best practices.

The Sahara Group is also involved in initiatives, alliances and activities aimed at strengthening its corporate governance and compliance systems.

Some of these alliances include its partnership with the World Economic Forum’s – Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Funds (SDG-F).

Sahara Group also collaborates with global, regional and national organisations to promote sustainable development and transparency in business.

We take this opportunity to thank Mr. Cole for the years of meritorious and selfless contribution to the growth of the company and we wish him the best in his future endeavours.



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