5 Best Photography Studios in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

best photography studios studio in port harcourt

Photography is a multi-billion dollars business sector worldwide. More so, photography is a core part of the famous billion-dollar entertainment business. This makes photography a very important sector.

In Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria, photography is one of the booming business sectors to easily venture into. There are over 50 well established photography studios and countless freelance photographers in Port Harcourt.

Reports Afrique has listed the 5 best photography studios in Port Harcourt below. The Studios were chosen based on the following criteria: client ratings, affordability, quality, online presence, size of office space, professionalism and branding.

Making top 5 list out of over 50 studios means these studios are lined up as the very best .Starting from the least on the list, here are the photography studios that made our list:


foto fast office in port harcourt

At the no 5 spot is Foto Fast, a fast rising brand in photography with two branches in Port Harcourt and others across cities in Nigeria. From snapping to printing, FOTO FAST presents a fully packaged photography shop among its peers.  Foto Fast is more into studio photography and wedding coverage.

Office Space:

Sited on two locations, one in a well-furnished storey building at Rumuola roundabout, arguably one of the busiest junctions in Port Harcourt, and another at 28 Aggrey road.


Foto fast is affordable and printing hard copies is a lot less as they also own a photo printing section.

Quality: Foto Fast picture quality is pretty fair.

foto fast photography studios

Client Ratings:

On Google, Foto Fast is rated at 3.8/5. A fair rating one can say.

Online Presence:

Foto Fast has a website but it is poorly done and provides no links to their social media pages. Their website also has theme demo contents unedited. The website has an “about us” that leads to no content.  Their Facebook page has only 194 likes and appears to be very dormant. They have an  Instagram handle (with 3663 followers) and a Twitter (with 15 followers) handle. No Linkedin or Pinterest accounts. They have a Google Business Page that does not seem optimized. Generally put, Foto Fast has a very poor online presence.

Summary: Foto Fast is a fairly good studio in picture quality and online presence but a fantastic printing shop.

4. RedKarpet Studio

redkarpet studios in port harcourt

At the number 4 spot is REDKARPET STUDIO, a well-managed, classy and quality sensitive studio photo studio located in GRA Port Harcourt. Red Carpet focuses more on Studio Photography and events.

Office Space:

Located at plot 59 Woji road, GRA Phase II in Port Harcourt, Redkarpet Studio’s office is well furnished with a touch of red that defines their brand. Redkarpet also has a barber shop inculcated in their premises.


Foto fast is an expensive studio to an ordinary citizen but their quality is fair.


Redcarpet pictures and services are good.

redkarpet photography

Client Ratings:

RedKarpet is rated an average of 3.8 out of 78 client ratings on Google, 3.6/5 on facebook and 5/5 by one rating on Nigerian Business Directory. A fair rating one can say.

Online Presence:

Redkarpet Studio has a non-responsive website, a functional Facebook Page with 8700 likes, an instagram page with 942 followers, a twitter page and no LinkedIn page.

Summary: RedKarpet is a fairly good studio in picture quality and online presence but a fantastic printing shop.

3. Omas Studios

omas studio office in woji

At the number 3 spot is Omas Studios. Arguably the biggest studio in Port Harcourt in terms of office space and structural facility, Omas is a name to reckon with in Photography as far as Port Harcourt is concerned. Omas is an expert in Studio pictures and events coverage.

Office Space:

omas office space

Located at No 43 New Odili Road Extension, Immediately after the New Bridge, Woji, Port Harcourt with a branch along Psychiatric road, Rumuigbo, Omas is well furnished and equipped with a an event hall and a pent house attached to their headquarters in woji.


Omas is an expensive studio to an ordinary citizen but their quality is good.


Omas pictures and quality are quite good.

omas studio photo

Client Ratings:

Omas Studios is rated an average of 4.1 out of 94 client ratings on Google. A good rating one can say.

Online Presence:

Omas Studios  website is currently suspended, a Facebook Page with 11000 likes that has not been updated since August 2019, multiple instagram pages with good following , no twitter page and no LinkedIn page. Omas has a Google Page that is optimized. Generally, Omas has no website online and fair social media presence.

Summary: Omas Studios  is a good studio in picture quality but with a terrible online presence. They have a fantastic open office and very quality pictures, serene environment and good facility.

2.  001 Photography

001 photography

At the number 2 spot is 001 Photography, a top notch photography studio with fantastic quality. 001 is more into family portraits, modeling shoots and pageantries.

Office Space:

Located at No No 39 inesirm road, off Ada George road, Port Harcourt, 001 Photography office is stylishly furnished to taste with a sleek interior and amazing staff members.


001 photography is a very expensive photo studio to an ordinary citizen. It can be described as an elitist photography studio but their quality is topnotch and excellent.


001 quality is very good

001 photography photo

Client Ratings:

001 Photography is rated 4.1 by 21 clients on Google and has only one rating on Facebook.

Online Presence:

001 photography best in port harcourt

001 has no website, a facebook page with 1100 likes, an active instagram page with 400 followers. No Twitter page, no LinkedIn page and no Pinterest page.

Summary: 001 Photography can be rated at the top when it comes to quality of work in portrait, studio shoot and events. They have a poor online presence and a beautiful office space.

1. Visual Plus Studios

visual plus studios office

At the number 1 spot is Visual Plus Studios, an innovative and creative photography studio and visual media firm in Port Harcourt. Visual plus Studios is more into studio photography, wedding coverage and events, modeling shoots , infants, product photography and runs a media training academy in photography, videography etc.

Visual Plus Studios modelling shoot photos in Port Harcourt photo studio

Office Space:

Located at No 20B Okuru road, Off Peter Odili road, in one of the choice areas in Port Harcourt, housing over 10 choice estates, Visual Plus Studios office is tastefully furnished with an outdoor mini garden that also serves as a photo set.

Visual Plus Studios is best photography studio in port harcourt


Visual Plus Studios is a fairly affordable photo studio for everyone.


babies REPORT AFRIQUE International

Visual Plus Studios has an excellent quality. Their services are an all-round effective system that encompasses client’s satisfaction and efficiency.

Client Ratings:

Visual Plus  Studios is rated an average of 4.3 out of 75 client ratings on Google. 4.5 on Facebook and 5/5 by three clients on Nigerian Business listing website.  A comparatively better rating one can say.

visual plus wedding pictures studios

Online Presence:

Visual Plus Studios has a functional and responsive website, an active Facebook page with 18,000 likes, Two active Instagram pages with a cumulative of 11000 followers, a Twitter page, a Premium Linkedin business page, a Youtube Channel, a Pinterest handle, an optimized Google Business page and an impressive Google presence by search results based on business relative keywords.

visual plus studios photography best  in port harcourt


Visual Plus Studios seem very prepared for business with a tastefully furnished office, high quality pictures and efficient services and customer support process.

visual plus studios is the best photography studio in port harcourt

Their affordability and  overwhelming online presence is also testament to why they emerged as the best.

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