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Actor robbed and killed after Tinder date with two women

Actor robbed and killed after Tinder date with two women

A 42-year-old Chilean actor, Alex Araya, was found dead in his Airbnb vacation rental in Medellín, Colombia, after a night out with two women he met on the dating app Tinder.

According to the actor’s brother, Eduardo Araya, Alex had met the two women on June 6 and was seen entering the rental property with them at around 11:30 pm. Two hours later, the women left without him, and it was later discovered that they had taken his credit cards and phone.

Eduardo believes that Alex was likely drugged, possibly with the odorless and tasteless drug burundanga, also known as scopolamine, which can cause loss of consciousness for up to 24 hours or more. He suspects that the women were part of a larger gang targeting tourists and that there are more individuals involved in his brother’s death.

The authorities have not yet released the cause of death, but Eduardo claims that Alex had no visible signs of trauma and was found in a similar condition to other tourists who have been killed in the area. This is the 29th tourist death in Medellín this year.

Eduardo Araya, the brother of the deceased, is actively investigating his brother’s death and believes that there is more to the story than what has been publicly disclosed. He is certain that the two women who were seen leaving the rental with his brother’s credit cards and phone are not the only ones involved in his death. Eduardo suspects that they were part of a larger group that targets tourists, and he is determined to uncover the truth behind his brother’s tragic demise.

The incident has raised concerns about safety in Medellín, particularly for tourists who may be vulnerable to these types of crimes. The local authorities have not yet commented on the case, but Eduardo is determined to get justice for his brother and bring attention to the issue.

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