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Sophia Momodu Accuses Davido of Withholding Child Support Over Rejected Sexual Advances

Davido abandoned daughter because I refuse giving him sex - Sophia Momodu

Sophia Momodu, ex-girlfriend of musician David Adeleke, known as Davido, has accused him of ceasing to pay their daughter’s school fees because she refused to meet his sexual demands.

She presented these allegations to the Lagos State High Court in Sabo, Yaba, in opposition to Davido’s request for child custody.

During the court session on Friday, Sophia argued that Davido is unfit for custody due to his frequent absences and lack of commitment to their daughter’s welfare. She filed a counter-affidavit, contesting Davido’s claims of fulfilling his financial obligations.

She stated that their child was nearly expelled from school because Davido failed to pay tuition fees, disputing his assertion of consistent support. She alleged that Davido only showed interest in their daughter for media appearances and promotions, often using financial support as leverage for sexual favors.

“He would only visit our daughter when he wanted media stunts. Whenever I refused his advances, he would cut off financial support and stop communicating with her,” Momodu told the court.

She recounted a 2017 incident in which Davido allegedly evicted her and their daughter from his Atlanta home, forcing them to seek refuge with a friend. Sophia insisted that she never denied Davido access to their daughter, but he chose to be an absentee father.

In response to Davido’s claim of providing housing, Sophia asserted that she has been solely responsible for her accommodation and that Davido never bought them a house. She mentioned instances from 2021 to 2023 when Davido defaulted on school fee payments, leading to the school threatening to expel their daughter until Davido’s father intervened.

Sophia’s lawyer, Chief (Dr) Anthony Idigbe (SAN) of Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors, highlighted the inappropriate publication of the child’s name in a national newspaper by Davido’s legal team, referencing Sections 143, 144, and 145 of the Child’s Rights Law of Lagos State, which protect the identity and best interests of minors in court cases.

Justice A. J. Bashua asked the press and other non-involved parties to leave the courtroom, emphasizing the importance of confidentiality in cases involving minors.

Reacting on social media, Davido stated that he seeks joint custody, expressing frustration over Momodu’s alleged references to the death of his son. He affirmed his commitment to his daughter, stressing his desire for joint parenting.

The court referred the case for potential settlement through Alternative Dispute Resolution during Settlement Week.

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