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Nigerian girls are making dating transactional – Evesoal laments

Nigerian girls are making dating transactional - Evesoal

Evelyn Motiga, a depression and mental health coach known as Evesoal, has criticized young Nigerian women for imposing excessive demands on men before agreeing to go on dates. In a video posted on her social media page, Motiga expressed concern over the financial pressure men face, stating that the costs associated with dating have become exorbitant.

Motiga highlighted that many men are now expected to cover nearly all expenses for a woman’s attire for a date, a situation she believes has led some men to experience depression and mental health issues. 

“Why are our Nigerian girls putting so much pressure on men? Why are you turning dating into a transaction?” she questioned in the video. She referenced a social media post where a woman demanded that a man buy her clothes and pay her upfront before a date.

Motiga emphasized that such demands do not add value to the women making them and instead demean their self-worth. She also pointed out the significant stress these expectations place on men, who may feel inadequate as a result.

“These actions are lowering your value (as a lady) and stressing our men, who are already dealing with numerous mental health challenges,” she warned. “Stop this nonsense.”

Motiga’s comments have sparked a conversation about the expectations and pressures surrounding modern dating in Nigeria.

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