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Former Big Brother Titans Housemate Opens up On why she destroyed her Ex-Boyfriend’s Car and pilot Uniforms

Why I destroyed my Ex’s car - Ex Big brother titan Housemate
Yvonne Godswill

Former Big Brother Titans contestant, Yvonne Godswill, recently shared a shocking revelation about her past relationship during an appearance on the Cool FM program, The Big Friday Show With Tacha. In the interview, Yvonne disclosed how she vandalized her ex-boyfriend’s car and pilot uniforms due to his reluctance to publicly acknowledge their relationship.

According to Yvonne, she became frustrated with her ex-boyfriend’s refusal to make their relationship public. She claimed that he kept their relationship a secret, which greatly upset her. When she confronted him about it, he allegedly explained that he was waiting for his elder sister to get married before taking their relationship seriously.

Feeling enraged by his explanation, Yvonne confessed to causing extensive damage to her ex-boyfriend’s property. She admitted to bursting his car tires, smashing the windscreen, and even pouring Jik, a bleach product, on all of his pilot uniforms. She attributed her actions to “youthful exuberance,” emphasizing that she was young at the time and acting out of frustration.

Despite her extreme reaction, Yvonne clarified that her ex-boyfriend was not married, but simply lacked the same level of seriousness about their relationship as she did. His excuse about waiting for his sister’s marriage before making their relationship public did not make sense to her, leading to her destructive behavior.

Currently, Yvonne is in a relationship with fellow BBTitans reality star, Juicy Jay from South Africa. The revelation about her past actions has sparked discussions among fans and followers, highlighting the complexities of relationships and the consequences of unresolved issues.

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