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#MyCityMyStory: Brand Strategist, Goodluck Azunwena Hopes To Set A world Record This December in Port Harcourt

Goodluck Azuwena
Goodluck Azunwena, Brand Strategist Hopes To Put Port Harcout In The World Map With A New World Record

WIRED Nigeria’s #MadeOfPortHarcourt project which is a subset of Social Metrics Limited’s #MyCityMyStory project debuts with Port Harcourt’s favorite brand strategist and founder of the #PortHarcourtToTheWorld brand, Goodluck Azunwena, telling his story and revealing yet his plans to set a new world record this December.

Azunwena came to limelight with his project #PortHarcourtToTheWorld which was debuted in 2016 with a fashion show tagged “Fashion Mob”. The brand followed up with series of social media campaigns that were meant to project the positive side of the  Rivers state capital, Port Harcourt.

In 2017, the brand partnered with Social Metrics limited via Reports Afrique and TV Afrique to launch the #InspirePortHarcourt project which was aimed at showcasing the street talents that abound in Port Harcourt city.

The second edition of Fashion Mob Show took place on Christmas Eve at the Lasmall event Centre, Port Harcourt in 2017. It was a classy blend of music and runway fueled by young talents.

my city my story
Fashion Enthusiasts With Azunwena At Last Fashion Mob Show

Port Harcourt To The World went viral on its debut. The city quickly caught its vibes and resonated with it. The hash tag #PortHarcourtToTheWorld  was used by  hacourtians online to post positive things about their city. It was a clear proof that the people of Port Harcourt desperately needed something other than the negativity and “violence pron” with which the media had attempted to brand their city. And truly, Port Harcourt had so much more to offer the world than the media had falsely painted it.

Azunwena and his team hope to set a new world record in December, 2018 with the Fashion Mob Show, which promises to have 500 models walk a runway of 3km. A distance never attempted anywhere in the world before.

#MyCityMyStory documents Port Hacourt success stories via the #MadeOfPortHarcourt docu-series videos snippets. To have your story told to the world, email [email protected].


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