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James Brown Pays Emotional Visit to his collegue, Bobrisky in Kirikiri Correctional Centre

James Brown Visits his collegue, Bobrisky in Kirikiri Prison

Nigerian crossdresser James Brown has made a poignant visit to his fellow colleague, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, who is currently serving a six-month prison sentence at the Kirikiri Correctional Centre in Lagos.

The visit, which was accompanied by other individuals, was a sign of solidarity and support for Bobrisky, who has been receiving attention for his case in the media. The two crossdressers have been friends for a long time, and James Brown’s visit was seen as a gesture of friendship and concern.

According to reports, Bobrisky was remanded in a male custodial centre in April after being arrested for allegedly abusing the naira notes. The Nigerian Correctional Service has assured that the crossdresser is being treated equally like other inmates, adhering to all regulations and rules in the facility, including dress code.

James Brown’s visit was seen as a moral boost for Bobrisky, who is still serving his sentence. The visit was also a testament to the bond between the two crossdressers, who have been vocal about their support for one another.

It is not clear when Bobrisky will be released from prison, but James Brown’s visit has certainly lifted his spirits. The visit highlights the importance of friendship and support during difficult times, and it is hoped that it will help Bobrisky navigate his prison sentence with ease.

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