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Why I started uploading my movies on YouTube – Ruth Kadiri

Why I started uploading my movies on YouTube – Ruth Kadiri

Renowned Nollywood actress and producer, Ruth Kadiri, has opened up about her decision to upload her films on YouTube. In an exclusive interview with BBC Pidgin, Kadiri revealed that she sought a platform where she could freely express herself and tell her stories without the constraints of traditional production.

Kadiri, who has been a producer for years, shared her frustration with the rigid rules and regulations that often limit creative freedom. “As a producer, I have been confronted with many challenges in the industry. But I realized that YouTube offered a unique opportunity to break free from those constraints and showcase my art in a more authentic way,” she said.

The actress recalled being discouraged by some industry professionals who warned her that there was little to no money in creating content for YouTube. However, undeterred by these concerns, Kadiri decided to take the plunge and give it a try. She gathered her team and began shooting films, acknowledging that even if they weren’t perfect, they could use the experience as a learning process.

Kadiri’s bold move has paid off, with her YouTube channel currently boasting over two million subscribers. Despite the competitive landscape on the platform, Kadiri is unfazed by the competition. Instead, she views YouTube as a vital opportunity for filmmakers to monetize their craft and make a living.

“For me, YouTube is not just a platform for entertainment; it’s a means to sustain ourselves as creatives. We’re not just competing with each other; we’re also feeding people and providing them with quality content,” she said.

With her success on YouTube, Kadiri has established herself as a pioneer in the Nigerian film industry, paving the way for other filmmakers to follow in her footsteps.

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