#AMAA2018 : Superstars Glitter at Continent’s Biggest Awards Event in Kigali

African superstars have seized the ongoing 14th Edition of the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) event in Kigali to flaunt the best of continental fashion and glamour.

Like every past editions, the 2018 AMAA did not come by in small terms for the continent’s fashionistas. Everyone came dressed to impress but some came prepared to stylishly leave an indelible mark.

Still in doubt, let the pictures below speak for themselves:


AMAA Report Afrique AMAA 2018 #AMAA2018 amaa34 Report Afrique AMAA 2018 amaa343 Report Afrique AMAA 2018 amaa3454 Report Afrique WhatsApp Image 2018 10 20 at 8.39.39 PM Report Afrique

afri3 Report Afrique afri Report Afrique

afria Report Afrique

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