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2019 Elections: Is Naira Now N184 to a Dollar?

Google Currency is currently showing that one dollar is going for N184, but this is just a glitch in its software.

This result has caused mixed controversies in Nigeria and now keeps #Google trending number one on Twitter. Many have accredited the alleged rise of Nigerian naira as part of the surprises associated with the 2019 elections in Nigeria.


N184 to one dollar naira rises

The Central Bank of Nigeria sold the greenback to bureau de change (BDC) operators at N357 per dollar on Friday. Current data from the central bank’s website support this figure.

Musa Ibrahim, a BDC operator, who spoke to TheCable from Lagos Island, said he bought $20,000 from the CBN at 357 per dollar.

“We collected from CBN today at the rate of N357, and each BDC operator is entitled to $20, 000,” he said.

Two members of staff at Google, who spoke off the record, confirmed to that this was just a bug, that is currently being fixed.

This is indeed a bug that has caused more than a threat to data integrity. It has put an entire nation into amiss and built undue anxiety as the populace head to the polling booths to elect a new president tomorrow.

Alphabet Inc, Google’s mother company may have to make an unreserved apology to Nigerians to rebuild their trust again for its platform.

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