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Vice President, Shettima Unveils 32 Smuggling Routes Amidst Food Crisis

Vice President, Shettima Unveils 32 Smuggling Routes Amidst Food Crisis

In a bid to address the ongoing food crisis in Nigeria, Vice President Kashim Shettima disclosed startling revelations regarding food smuggling routes during a conference on Public Wealth Management in Abuja.

Vice President Shettima revealed that 32 illegal smuggling routes have been identified, serving as conduits for the illicit transportation of food items out of the country.

Just recently, a significant interception occurred when 45 trucks loaded with maize were apprehended en route to neighbouring nations.

“The moment those foodstuffs were intercepted, the price of maize came down by N10,000,” remarked Vice President Shettima, underscoring the immediate impact of such interceptions on the market.

Expressing concerns over forces aiming to undermine the nation, Vice President Shettima emphasized the importance of unity and collective action in combating these challenges. He condemned attempts to incite division and violence amidst the current turmoil, urging citizens to prioritize the nation’s stability.

The issue of food smuggling and hoarding has escalated, exacerbating the ongoing food crisis. Reports indicate that 50 trucks attempting to transport foodstuffs to the Niger Republic were intercepted by the Zamfara State Transport Agency, in response to a presidential directive to combat hoarding.

In response to the dire situation, President Bola Tinubu has ordered coordinated efforts between national security agencies and state governments to crack down on those engaging in hoarding activities.

Recent actions by the Nigeria Customs Service and Kano State Government have seen the interception and sealing of warehouses suspected of hoarding essential food items.

As Nigeria grapples with the challenges of food security, efforts to curb smuggling and hoarding remain critical to alleviating the crisis and ensuring the well-being of its citizens.

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