Woman who opened Up Online About Having Sex With Her Dogs faked her death – Actress Abiola Adebayo

Woman who opened Up Online About Having Sex With Her Dogs faked her death - Actress Abiola Adebayo

In a shocking twist, Nigerian actress and podcaster, Abiola Adebayo, has revealed that a woman who claimed to have died after admitting to engaging in sexual activities with her dogs on a podcast actually faked her own death.

Adenike Adewodun, the woman in question, had announced her death on social media, sparking widespread mourning and sympathy from friends, family, and fans. However, Adebayo’s investigation revealed that Adewodun had actually faked her own death to escape the public backlash and legal consequences of her actions.

According to abiola, she and her team were initially devastated by the news of Adewodun’s death and went to pay their respects at her supposed funeral. However, as they delved deeper into the circumstances surrounding her death, they discovered inconsistencies in the stories told by Adewodun’s so-called “sister” and friend. An investigation was launched, and it was revealed that Adewodun was actually alive and had been treated at a hospital.

Adebayo explained that the discovery was made after she noticed some discrepancies in the stories told by Adewodun’s friends and family members. She stated that they dispatched one of their team members to investigate further and contact Adewodun’s friend, who ultimately led them to the hospital where she was being treated.

The investigation led to the arrest of Adewodun and her friend who had announced her death. During questioning, Adewodun confessed that she had faked her own death because she was overwhelmed by the public backlash she received after the podcast episode was aired. She admitted that she had approached Adebayo for the interview but became frightened when people recognized her and felt that if she lied about being dead, Adebayo would remove the video.

The police are now set to prosecute Adewodun for perjury and fraud. The incident has left Adebayo feeling emotionally drained and guilty for having given Adewodun a platform without realizing the severity of her situation.

The case has sparked widespread outrage and concern about mental health support for individuals who may be struggling with trauma and addiction. It has also raised questions about the responsibility of media personalities like Adebayo in giving a platform to individuals who may be struggling with personal issues.

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