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Missing Girls: Afiba Would Not Sleep With a Man for N1m – Husband

Missing Girls: Afiba Would Not Sleep With a Man for N1m - afiba's Husband

The husband of Afiba Tandoh, one of girls in the trending case of the two missing girls in Aba, has spoken out against claims that his wife had travelled to Nigeria from Dubai to meet up with Andrew Amechi Ocheckwo (reportedly late), the man accused for their disappearance, for a hookup deal.

In a video chat with a Facebook user, Mr Tandoh refuted claims that his wife had travelled to Nigeria for a hookup deal. He also claimed that the prime suspect, Andrew is alive and had orchestrated the story that he wanted the public to believe.

” My wife would leave Dubai for one million naira? She normally sends her friends money. We are both working and we are non-African citizens… Afiba has two degrees and a business in Ghana. How much is one million naira? Not up to 600 dollars, it is not enough for her flight ticket.” Mr. Tandoh said refuting claims his wife had went on the trip for money.

Two female friends, Celine Ndudim and Afiba Tandoh had gone missing after a trip to visit Andrew, a British-Nigerian businessman living in Aba, Nigeria in April, 2024. Following their disappearance, Andrew was arrested by the police on May 8. He was, however, reported to have been shot and killed later on in an attempted escape in Benue state, while he was being transferred to Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city for further investigations.

The events surrounding his purported death is shrouded in controversies leaving several unanswered questions by the Nigeria police.

Andrew Amaechi Ochekwo who was arrested in connection with the disappearance of two friends, Celine Ndudim and Afiba Tandoh Suspect in the Disappearance of Two Friends in Aba Killed While Being Transported to Abuja
Celine And Afiba

Mr. Tandoh, Afiba’s husband now questions many issues surrounding the dissapearance of his wife and her friend, including the purported death of the prime suspect, Andrew.

Mr. Tandoh believes Andrew faked his death. He said:

“We requested today for two people to go and check his identity (referring to Andrew’s corpse) but nobody allowed us. Nobody allowed us to go the mortuary because this man’s body is not there. That guy is alive.”

Mr. Tandoh claimed that Andrew had created the story to feed the social media and had her wife’s phone after she was declared missing.

” I was sending my wife messages, he was viewing my messages and not responding to them. My wife’s phone only went offline the day he was arrested.” Mr. Tandoh said.

On the claims by the police that Andrew escaped when he was made to sit on the driver’s seat for the car to recognize him, Mr. Tandoh said that the police had lied.

” I am engineer, I can tell you two things from all these things. First, you can change your IP address without going to that location. Where I am now, I can literally put myself in America. Second thing, this car is an e2020 Med 220 Mercedes Benz 2017. That car doesn’t have the technology which is called MBUX of Mercedes which has facial recognition. It is the low model of Mercedes. It is the S-Class and the Maybach that has this option. These people lie, they say they had to put him in the seat so that car would recognize him. It is a lie, this technology is not available in 2017 Mercedes.” He said.

Missing Girls: Video shows corpse of Andrew Amechi Ocheckwo at A mortuary in Benue state Andrew Amechi Ocheckwo, Suspect in The Case of Missing Girls in Aba, is Also Wanted in the UK for Sex Offences
Andrew Amechi Ocheckwo

Mr. Tandoh claimed that Nigeria police were involved in a cover up of the case involving his missing wife and her friend.

Despite that the case of the missing girls has now become a trending issue online for days, the Nigeria police is yet to respond to REPORT AFRIQUE‘s calls on the matter.

See video of the chat with Afiba’s husband below:

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