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Anambra First Lady Advocates for Children in Orphanage Homes

Anambra First Lady Advocates for Children in Orphanage Homes

Nonye Soludo, the wife of the Anambra State Governor, has urged for enhanced welfare, love, and kindness towards children across Nigeria to instill a sense of belonging and assure them of a promising future. Soludo made this appeal during her visit to the Model Community Children Home in Awka on Sunday, as part of the Children’s Day celebrations.

Soludo emphasized the necessity of providing love, care, and compassion to children, particularly those in orphanages. During her visit, she personally prepared and distributed meals to the children and donated various relief items, including cash.

In a conversation with journalists following the event, Soludo highlighted that children represent the future of every nation and must be nurtured with utmost care and protected, regardless of their family background. She explained that her visit to the orphanage was in line with the spirit of Children’s Day, which is a time to engage with children and improve their lives.

She stated that the celebration is a significant period for children, giving them a sense of belonging and assuring them of a bright future. She noted that children need to be nurtured with care and protection and that the visit was intended to show that they are loved and supported by society. By preparing and serving meals, she aimed to demonstrate motherly care and let the children know they are not forgotten.

Soludo also mentioned that governments at various levels are increasing efforts to provide safety and support for children through numerous humanitarian programs. She called on everyone to show love to children by creating safe and conducive environments where they can learn and grow with moral guidance.

The Coordinator of Model Community Children’s Home Awka, Revrend Sister Philomena Akuchukwu, expressed gratitude for the visit, describing Mrs. Soludo as caring and humble. She assured that the orphanage would continue to pray for a better Anambra and the successful re-election of Governor Chukwuma Soludo.

The Children’s Day celebration included cooking, games, cutting the Children’s Day cake, serving meals, and other activities enjoyed by the children, the governor’s wife, and her entourage.

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