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Many Churches In Nigeria Are Built For Business Purposes – Catholic Bishop Laments

Many Churches In Nigeria Are For Business – Catholic Bishop

The Catholic Bishop of Yola, Stephen Mamza, has expressed concern over the proliferation of churches in Nigeria, which he says are increasingly being established as profit-making ventures rather than centers of worship.

Bishop Mamza raised these concerns during a Mass held at St Augustine’s Catholic Church in Bekaji, Yola, to commemorate this year’s World Communications Sunday of the Catholic Church. He lamented the trend of individuals entering the ministry solely for financial gain, noting that many aspire to become general overseers and acquire private jets.

Addressing the congregation, Bishop Mamza remarked that the sheer number of churches in Yola alone has become difficult to quantify, with some established purely for business purposes. He recounted an encounter with a general overseer who approached him to purchase their church, citing financial difficulties and a desire to relocate for better prospects.

Reflecting on the theme of the day, the bishop emphasized the importance of enhancing human communication, emphasizing empathy amidst the technological advancements shaping contemporary society. He underscored the need for genuine human connection amidst the pursuit of technological progress.

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