Enugu State First Lady Unveils Health Insurance Scheme for pregnant women

Enugu State First Lady Unveils Health Insurance Scheme for pregnant women

The wife of Enugu State Governor, Mrs. Nkechinyere Mbah, has launched a groundbreaking health insurance initiative, “Mama Care,” aimed at reducing maternal and infant mortality rates in the state. The program, in partnership with the Custos Care Foundation, provides comprehensive healthcare services to pregnant women, including antenatal care, safe delivery, and postnatal care.

Under the scheme, 1,701 pregnant women across the state’s 17 local government areas will receive one-year health insurance coverage, ensuring they have access to quality healthcare services. The initiative also provides financial support and essential food items, including rice, to help pregnant women meet their nutritional needs.

The First Lady emphasized that the program is designed to bridge the gap between traditional birth attendants and modern healthcare facilities, providing pregnant women with the support they need to give birth safely and healthily. She noted that it is unacceptable that women still lose their lives during childbirth or that infants do not survive due to preventable complications.

The Mama Care Initiative aims to provide essential services such as prenatal and postnatal care, nutritional support, health education, and access to medical resources. The program will also bring medical services directly to rural communities, ensuring that even those in remote areas benefit from expert healthcare.

The Commissioner for Health in Enugu State, Prof Emmanuel Obi, hailed the initiative as a significant milestone in the state’s efforts to improve healthcare services, particularly for pregnant women and newborns. Beneficiaries of the program have expressed gratitude for the support and care they will receive during pregnancy and childbirth.

The Mama Care Initiative is a testament to the state government’s commitment to the welfare and healthcare of its citizens, particularly women and children. The program demonstrates the government’s willingness to prioritize maternal and infant health and ensure that every woman in Enugu State has access to quality healthcare services during pregnancy and childbirth.

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