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FCT Police orders clampdown on Vehicles with No or Single Plate Numbers

FCT Police orders clampdown on Vehicles with No or Single Plate Numbers

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command has launched a stern warning and crackdown on vehicles plying the roads with no or single plate numbers. The Commissioner of Police, Benneth Igweh, has ordered that such vehicles be impounded and their drivers arrested and prosecuted.

According to the FCT Police Command’s spokesperson, Josephine Adeh, the clampdown is aimed at curbing the rising cases of “one chance” operations in the territory. “One chance” refers to a notorious modus operandi where armed robbers hijack unsuspecting motorists and demand cash or valuables.

The police have observed that many car dealers and motorists have been driving around the FCT with single or no plate numbers, often beyond the stipulated time of 6 pm. This has raised concerns about the safety and security of residents.

Igweh has warned that defaulters will face the full force of the law. The Commissioner has also cautioned car dealers against parking their vehicles in unauthorized parking lots and driving beyond the allowed hours. The FCT Police Command has reiterated its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of residents, and will not spare anyone who contravenes the laws regulating road transport in the territory.

The decision to clamp down on vehicles with no or single plate numbers is aimed at reducing the incidence of “one chance” operations, which have been linked to vehicles without proper identification. The police are urging motorists and car dealers to desist from this practice and ensure that their vehicles are properly registered and plated.

In a statement, Adeh emphasized that the FCT Police Command will not tolerate any form of lawlessness on FCT roads, and will take decisive action against anyone found guilty of contravening traffic laws.

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