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Federal Ministry to Allocate Nearly 9,000 Houses to Successful Applicants

Federal Ministry to Allocate Over 8,900 Houses to Applicants

The Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has announced its plan to allocate a total of 8,925 houses to successful applicants through its National Housing Programme. This move signifies a significant step towards fulfilling the government’s commitment to providing accessible housing options for the population, according to Dr. Marcus Ogunbiyi, the ministry’s Permanent Secretary.

In a statement released by Dr. Ogunbiyi, it was revealed that the allocation process followed a thorough assessment of the requirements and procedures outlined in a circular issued in December 2023, which governs housing sales under the National Housing Programme.

The allocation will cover various housing schemes, including outright payment, mortgage, rent-to-own, and payment by installment, aimed at catering to the diverse needs of the applicants. The government disclosed that it received a total of 8,925 applications, with breakdowns as follows: outright payment (1,294), mortgage (2,408), rent-to-own (2,184), and installment payment (3,039).

Applicants enrolled in the mortgage, rent-to-own, and installment payment schemes, who are also subscribers to the National Housing Fund, are currently undergoing profiling. Successful applicants for outright payment will receive offers for new provisional allocations through Federal Controllers of Housing and Urban Development in states. Additionally, the Chairman/CEO of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) will initiate contact with subscribers beginning Thursday, April 18, for further coordination.

Dr. Ogunbiyi explained that finished houses are not available in Lagos, Aba, Bayelsa, Rivers state, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Consequently, the allocation of housing units in these regions will be conducted upon the completion of housing projects later in the year.

This initiative by the Federal ministry underscores the government’s commitment to addressing the housing deficit in the country and ensuring that citizens have access to affordable and quality housing options. It also highlights the importance of collaborative efforts between government agencies and stakeholders to achieve this goal.

The allocation process is expected to provide much-needed relief to thousands of individuals and families across the country who have been struggling to secure adequate housing. As the government continues to prioritize housing development, it is hoped that similar initiatives will be implemented in the future to further alleviate the housing challenges faced by Nigerians.

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