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JAMB Arrests Father For Taking UTME Exam For his Son

"We arrested Father Writing UTME Exam For his Son" - JAMB

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has intensified efforts to combat examination malpractice, particularly cases of impersonation, as revealed by its Registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede.

In a recent address in Kaduna, Prof. Oloyede emphasized the board’s commitment to upholding the integrity of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) amidst reports of fraudulent activities.

With an unprecedented 1.94 million candidates taking the 2024 UTME, JAMB has bolstered its technology-driven approach to thwart malpractices. The registrar expressed satisfaction with the examination’s conduct but highlighted concerns over impersonation cases facilitated by individuals possessing multiple National Identity Numbers (NIN).

Prof. Oloyede disclosed a troubling incident where a father was apprehended for impersonating his son during the examination. This alarming scenario not only undermines the credibility of the examination but also jeopardizes the future of the individuals involved. Both the father and son are now in custody, underscoring the gravity of such fraudulent acts.

Despite facing challenges, JAMB remains proactive in identifying and apprehending perpetrators. Advanced technology enables the board to detect irregularities swiftly, ensuring the integrity of the examination process. Prof. Oloyede reiterated JAMB’s determination to confront impersonation cases head-on, emphasizing the consequential repercussions for those caught engaging in such misconduct.

Furthermore, the registrar addressed logistical issues contributing to examination disruptions. Instances where candidates, particularly hostel residents, are transported to examination centers by schools have resulted in delays and missed opportunities. Prof. Oloyede criticized the practice of overcrowding buses with students, leading to tardiness and administrative burdens.

Moreover, he condemned external entities attempting to influence examination logistics, citing a religious body’s attempt to dictate examination dates and venue placements for candidates. Such interference undermines JAMB’s authority and compromises the fairness of the examination process. Prof. Oloyede urged candidates to exercise their rights by directly communicating with JAMB rather than relying on intermediaries.

In light of these challenges, JAMB advocates for the establishment of mega Computer-Based Test (CBT) centers to accommodate the growing number of candidates. Prof. Oloyede highlighted the success of the Kaduna mega CBT center, accommodating up to 4,000 candidates daily. He called upon highly populated states like Lagos to collaborate with JAMB in providing suitable land for constructing similar facilities.

The registrar expressed optimism that the authorities in Lagos would heed the call for collaboration, emphasizing the transformative impact of mega CBT centers in mitigating examination-related challenges nationwide. By centralizing examination venues and leveraging advanced technology, JAMB aims to streamline the examination process and enhance security measures.

In conclusion, JAMB’s proactive measures underscore its commitment to preserving the integrity of the UTME. The board’s relentless pursuit of technological innovations and collaboration with stakeholders demonstrates its resolve to combat examination malpractice effectively. As JAMB continues to evolve its strategies, stakeholders must collaborate to safeguard the sanctity of Nigeria’s educational assessment system.

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