Labour Party is a secret society led by clowns –  Kenneth Okonkwo 

Labour Party is a secret society led by clowns -  Kenneth Okonkwo 

A prominent figure in the Labour Party (LP), Kenneth Okonkwo, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the party’s recent developments. In an interview with Symfoni news platform, Okonkwo described the LP as a “party led by a group of individuals who are not committed to the welfare of Nigerians.”

Okonkwo, who served as the party’s presidential campaign spokesperson during the 2023 election, lamented that the LP has lost its way and lacks integrity. He recalled that he was unaware of the party’s national convention, which was held in Anambra, and only discovered it on social media. He described the event as a “leprous” and “joke” that cannot be taken seriously.

The actor-turned-politician further criticized the party’s leadership, saying that those in charge are a “secret society” led by “clowns.” He warned that if the party continues on its current trajectory, the option of joining another political party may be explored.

Okonkwo’s remarks come amid a leadership crisis within the LP. The party has been embroiled in a dispute over its national chairmanship position, with Lamidi Apapa declaring himself acting national chairman and Julius Abure re-elected as chairman at a national convention in Anambra.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) did not monitor the convention, and the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the party has described it as a charade. Okonkwo believes that the party’s lack of integrity means it is unable to capitalize on internal crises within other political parties.

In his comments, Okonkwo seemed to hint that he might reconsider his affiliation with the LP if it does not change its ways. As someone who has previously been affiliated with other parties, including the All Progressives Congress (APC), Okonkwo emphasized that change is constant and he would not hesitate to join another party if necessary.

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