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How Lagos doctor removed my womb without my Permission – Woman laments

How Lagos doctor removed my womb without my Permission

A dramatic turn of events has unfolded at Holyfill Hospital, Ikorodu, Lagos, where a doctor, Dr. Ayelaje Joseph, is accused of removing a patient’s womb without her consent. The patient, Mrs. Okeafor Suzan, claims she visited the hospital for fibroid removal but was shocked to discover that her womb had been removed without her knowledge or permission.

According to Mrs. Suzan, she had been experiencing bleeding and pain due to a fibroid and sought medical attention from Dr. Joseph on February 16, 2024. The doctor allegedly suggested removing her womb, which she initially refused, citing concerns about its implications. However, after some persuasion, Dr. Joseph allegedly assured her that the procedure was necessary and obtained her consent.

However, Mrs. Suzan claims that she did not give her consent for the removal of her womb and was not informed about the risks and complications associated with the procedure. She alleged that the doctor and his team did not provide any pre- or post-operative counseling, leaving her in the dark about the outcome.

The victim’s husband, George Okeafor, corroborated his wife’s claim, stating that they only sought approval for fibroid removal from their medical service provider and never gave consent for womb removal.

Dr. Joseph has responded to the allegations, claiming that Mrs. Suzan had requested the removal of her womb due to concerns about future pregnancies having completed her family with two children. He stated that she had discussed this option with him during their initial consultation.

The incident has sparked outrage and raised questions about medical ethics and patient autonomy. The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer has urged Mrs. Suzan to report the matter to the Area Command of the jurisdiction if she feels that the divisional police did not do justice.

The case has sent shockwaves through the medical community, highlighting the importance of transparency and informed consent in medical procedures. As investigations continue, it remains unclear what happened in this disturbing incident and whether Dr. Joseph’s actions were indeed in line with medical ethics.

In light of this controversy, patients are advised to exercise extreme caution when seeking medical attention and to thoroughly review their treatment options before undergoing any procedure. The Lagos State Government has also been urged to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter to ensure that justice is served and to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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