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FG Warns of Jail Time for Civil Servants Leaking Official Documents

FG Warns of Jail Time for Civil Servants Leaking Official Documents

The Federal Government has issued a stern warning against unauthorized disclosure or leakage of official documents that could harm the country. The warning came at a workshop organized by the Bureau for Public Service Reforms and the Office of the Government of the Federation.

According to sources, the government has taken steps to prevent the leakage of sensitive information, including issuing guidelines to Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs). The warning emphasized the seriousness of unauthorized disclosure, stating that it is a punishable offense under the Criminal Code Act.

The workshop aimed to educate communication managers in MDAs on the importance of effective communication in maintaining national unity and security. It highlighted the need for them to use official channels to disseminate information and prevent misinformation.

The Director-General of the Bureau for Public Service Reforms emphasized the crucial role of communication managers in ensuring accurate and timely dissemination of information about government policies and programs. He urged them to use traditional and social media platforms responsibly and take advantage of training to prevent misinformation.

The government’s warning comes as part of its efforts to promote transparency and accountability in public service. The workshop aimed to reinforce the importance of maintaining confidentiality and national security by preventing unauthorized disclosure of official documents.

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