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Nigerian graduate makes waves in US after failing WAEC 17 times

Nigerian graduate makes waves in US after failing WAEC 17 times

Emmanuel Ahmadu, a graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Benin, has been conferred an honorary Doctorate Degree in International Affairs by Global Seminary University, New York, USA. This recognition is a testament to his outstanding contributions to mental health awareness and suicide prevention globally.

Ahmadu’s journey began when he spent 17 attempts on the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and General Certificate Examination (GCE) before securing admission into the University of Benin. His determination and resilience earned him numerous awards, including the International Award for Student Brand of the Year in West Africa.

After completing his undergraduate studies, Ahmadu’s family raised funds for him to pursue his master’s degree in the United States. He was admitted into Cleveland State University, where he studied School Counseling. However, he later transferred to Cuyahoga Community College to gain a stronger foundation in Human Services.

Ahmadu’s passion for mental health advocacy led him to establish the R.I.S.E Global Voices Organization, which promotes resilience, inclusion, self-care, and empowerment among adolescents and youth. His initiatives have reached over 10 million young people globally through school mental awareness programs, media engagements, and interviews with prominent media outlets.

In the United States, Ahmadu has made significant strides as a student leader and mental health advocate. He served as Student Government President and Vice President of the Joint Student Council Board across five campuses of Cuyahoga Community College, connecting students to essential resources and promoting mental health support. His efforts earned him numerous awards, including “Distinguished Student Leader with a Big Heart” and “Outstanding Mental Health Advocate of the Year.”

Ahmadu is currently a Peer Reviewer and Judge with the United States Federal Department of Education for the School-Based Mental Health Services (SBMH) and Mental Health Services Professional Demonstration (MHSP) grant programs. He also contributes to three American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) State Board committees: Walk Committee, Advocacy Committee, and Education Committee.

Receiving his honorary doctorate degree is not just a recognition of his past efforts but a catalyst for future impact. Ahmadu is committed to collaborating with young champions and survivors to create a supportive environment for all to rise. His vision includes launching a social networking platform to connect young people worldwide and training them to help others struggling in silence.

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