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Nigerian Troops Recover N637 Million Worth of Stolen Crude Oil, Arrest 36 Suspects in South-South Operations

Nigerian Troops Recover N637m Worth of Stolen Crude Oil
Nigerian Troops

The Nigerian troops have achieved substantial success, recovering stolen crude oil worth N637 million and apprehending 36 suspects.

This operation, spearheaded by the Director of Defence Media Operations, Major General Edward Buba, marks a crucial step in the ongoing battle against illicit activities in the Niger Delta region.

Major General Buba revealed in a statement on Friday that the troops’ operations resulted in the recovery of 672,350 litres of stolen crude oil and 90,530 litres of illegally refined Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), commonly known as diesel. Additionally, significant assets used in perpetrating illegal activities were discovered and destroyed, including 51 dugout pits, 24 boats, 21 storage tanks, and four vehicles.

“The Nigerian troops in the South-South region have made remarkable strides in curbing oil theft and illegal refining activities,” Major General Buba stated. “Our operations have led to the denial of oil theft amounting to an estimated sum of N637,710,310.00. Furthermore, we have apprehended 36 perpetrators involved in these illegal activities.”

The operations conducted by the troops in the Niger Delta area have been meticulous and thorough, targeting various facets of illicit activities prevalent in the region. In addition to recovering stolen crude oil and illegally refined AGO, the troops have dismantled numerous illegal refining sites and confiscated equipment used in these operations.

“The success of our operations underscores the commitment of the Nigerian military to safeguarding our national resources and upholding the rule of law,” Major General Buba emphasized. “We will continue to intensify our efforts to root out criminal elements and ensure the security and prosperity of our nation.”

The recovered assets and seized items, including cooking ovens and illegal refining equipment, serve as tangible evidence of the troops’ dedication to combating oil theft and illegal activities in the South-South region. Furthermore, the arrests made during these operations send a clear message to perpetrators that their actions will not go unpunished.

Moving forward, the Nigerian troops remain steadfast in their mission to maintain peace and security in the Niger Delta region. With ongoing efforts to strengthen surveillance and enhance collaboration with local communities, the military aims to prevent the resurgence of illegal activities and promote sustainable development in the region.

“We commend the bravery and professionalism demonstrated by our troops in the face of adversity,” Major General Buba concluded. “Their unwavering commitment to defending our nation’s interests is a testament to the resilience of the Nigerian Armed Forces.”

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