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Nigerian Woman, Rhoda Jatau Jailed 18 Months for Condemning Deborah Samuel’s Murder in Bauchi

Nigerian Woman, Rhoda Jatau Jailed 18 Months for Condemning Deborah Samuel's Murder in Bauchi

A High Court in Bauchi had in November, 2023 sustained the continuous incarceration of a middle-aged woman, Rhoda Jatau, who has now spent more than 18 months for sharing a video of the lynching of Late Deborah Samuel online and condemning it.

The State High Court threw out the no-case submission by Jatau’s lawyer after her already harrowing 18 months incarceration.

Rhoda Jatau was arrested by the operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) in May 2022 after she shared a video that condemned the lynching of the Christian female student of Sokoto College, Deborah Samuel, accused of blasphemy by Islamic fanatics in Sokoto.

Jatau is facing charges of inciting public disturbance, “exciting contempt of religious creed,” and cyberstalking.

The prosecution had since closed its case but the defence’s attempt to present its no-case argument was repeatedly stalled as the presiding judge defers court dates and the trial experiences a prolonged timeline.

The submission was eventually made on October 16 at a hearing witnessed by Jatau’s husband, Ya’u Adamu, and other observers. 

The court had earlier admitted the interpretation of Jatau sharing of a social media video as offensive to extant laws and her lawyers would now work to prove that her action was justified rather than the initial stance that her action did not constitute the offences alleged.

Her arrest and prolonged detention have raised international concerns with the United Nations and organisations such as Christian Solidarity International expressing worry.

They contend that Jatau’s incarceration represents an infringement on her fundamental rights to freedom of expression, religion or belief.

Of concern is the repeated denial of bail to Jatau. The United Nations and CSI underscore that the denial of bail not only restricts her freedom but also raises questions about the fairness and proportionality of the legal measures taken against her.

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