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Tai Songhai Farm Launched Under Amaechi Owned By Mexicans and Some Politicians – WIKE reveals

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has shocked Rivers people and Nigerians when he revealed that Songhai Farm and the multi-million naira banana farm both in Tai Local Government Area in Ogoniland established under the former Governor Chibuike Amaechi of the state were secretly owned by private individuals in collaboration with some Mexicans.

He said the collapse of the banana farm in Tai was due to multiple litigations against the state government by members of the host communities who felt that their land was forcefully acquired and was not properly consulted before its establishment.

He accused the Amaechi’s government of practicing “governance by text messages on phone and embarked on so many unrealizable projects because he hoped that he would plant his chosen successor who he can manipulate to continue with those even they are not viable.”

Wike explained that he was not bothered by the criticism from the opposition who alleged that he had not initiated new projects but completing the ones initiated by the previous administration because he believed that governance is a continuum and that abandoning old projects would have littered the state with abandoned projects.

He boasted that if he decided to seek re-election, Rivers people would vote for him overwhelmingly because, within a period of fewer than three years of his administration, no local government in the state had been left without signature projects.

The Tai Songhai Farm has generated so many controversies in the past especially between the government and the host communities.


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