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My allowance as Speaker was N25m, salary N400k – dogara

My allowance as Speaker was N25m, salary N400k - dogara

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has set the record straight on the controversy surrounding the salaries and allowances of National Assembly members. Speaking at the two-day House of Representatives open week celebration in Abuja, Dogara clarified that his total allowance while he was Speaker was N25 million, with a salary of N400,000.

The clarification is aimed at dispelling public misconceptions that members of the National Assembly earn exorbitant salaries and allowances. According to Dogara, this misconception has led to the negative perception that lawmakers are thieves, even at public gatherings.

Dogara revealed that he instructed his accountant to open a separate account for his allowances, which were used solely to cater to the needs of his constituents. He stated that the account was frequently drained due to high demands, but he ensured that any borrowed funds were repaid as soon as new money arrived.

Dogara’s revelation is a bid to give Nigerians a more accurate understanding of the financial situation of their representatives and to dispel the widespread notion that lawmakers are lavishly paid. He hopes that by setting the record straight, Nigerians will give their elected representatives some breathing space and refrain from perpetuating falsehoods about their remuneration.

Dogara’s comments come as a response to the public outcry over perceived excessive pay for National Assembly members, which has led to widespread criticism and calls for reform. His clarification is seen as an effort to restore credibility to the institution and promote transparency in governance.

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