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June 7: Police warns public Of possible secret cult initiations in schools nationwide

June 7: Police warns public Of possible secret cult initiations in schools nationwide

The Rivers State Police Command has issued a warning to the public about potential cult-related activities planned across the country, particularly in institutions of higher learning. According to intelligence reports, the Neo-Black Movement (NBM), also known as Aiye or Black Axe, is preparing to mark its Founder’s Day with nationwide commemorations, which could lead to violence and criminal activities.

The confraternity, notorious for violent crimes and campus unrest, is reportedly planning to initiate innocent victims into their group and engage in clashes with rival cults on June 7. The police have received information that the ceremony could disrupt public peace and provide opportunities for forced initiation, rape, and armed robbery.

To prevent these crimes, the Commissioner of Police in Rivers State has directed all area commanders, divisional police officers, and tactical team commanders to conduct pre-emptive and responsive raids on hideouts for cult meetings, high-risk areas in shady environments, and hotels that could serve as meeting points for cult leaders. Police operatives have been instructed to prevent the planned event, arrest suspected cultists, and bring them to justice.

Parents and guardians are advised to keep a close eye on their children and wards during this period and watch for warning signs in their interactions with friends. Community leaders and security outfits are encouraged to report any unusual gatherings in their area, while religious leaders are urged to preach about the dangers of secret cults.

The police have also emphasized the need for effective patrol strategies and close monitoring of tertiary institution campuses and public places to intercept cult members. The command appeals to all stakeholders to cooperate with the authorities to prevent the planned violence and ensure public safety.

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