[pICTURES] Residents butcher another stranded Whale in bayelsa beach

Residents butcher another stranded Whale in bayelsa beach

A massive whale measuring 15 meters long and five meters wide came ashore in Okpoama community, Brass Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, on Wednesday morning. The whale, estimated to be about three meters high, was already dead when residents discovered it on the beach.

According to sources, the whale is believed to have been washed up by the high tide on Tuesday night and left stranded as the sea water receded at low tide. The residents of Okpoama, eager to claim their share of the bounty, began butchering the whale using machetes, hacksaws, and axes.

“It’s a rare occurrence for us to get a whale this big,” said a community leader, who preferred to remain anonymous. “We’re making sure to divide the spoils fairly among our people.”

This is not the first time a whale has been washed up in Okpoama. In August 2019, another giant whale was stranded in the same community, and residents butchered it for food.

The latest incident has sparked excitement among the community members, who see it as a rare opportunity to feast on the seafood delicacy. As the butchering continues, residents are hopeful that the meat will be shared fairly and that everyone will get a taste of the rare treat.

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