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Tapswap postpones token allocation date indefinitely 

Tapswap postpones token allocation date indefinitely 

Nigeria’s favorite tap-to-earn app, Tapswap, has announced an indefinite postponement of its token allocation to users. The decision was made by the platform’s representatives in a bid to ensure a fair and rewarding experience for all users.

According to John Robbin, Head of Communications at Tapswap, the token allocation method is still being refined and will be announced at a later date. “We want to ensure that our community members are rewarded fairly and have a significant stake in the platform’s success,” he said.

Tapswap, which launched on February 15, 2024, has gained immense popularity among Nigerians, with over 50 million users tapping away on their screens in pursuit of financial gains. The app’s unique feature requires users to repeatedly tap an icon in the center of the Telegram bot screen to mine coins.

Robbin emphasized that the platform is committed to transparency and has started engaging with exchanges and platforms to finalize the token distribution. “We will allocate a significant portion of the tokens to our community members to retain their interest and involvement,” he assured.

The representative also addressed concerns about users exploiting the system by farming taps and promised to implement measures to detect and penalize such behavior. “We value our genuine tappers and urge them to be patient as we work towards a fair distribution of tokens,” he said.

For those who have already accumulated taps, Robbin encouraged them to continue using the app, as there is still time to earn more and increase their token allocation. The platform’s booster option, which was previously available, has been discontinued, but Robbin hinted that it may be reintroduced in the future.

Tapswap’s team is working tirelessly to improve the app and ensure its long-term sustainability. “We are committed to being here for a very long time and will use the revenue generated from our booster option to enhance our services,” Robbin concluded.

As the wait continues for the token allocation, Tapswap users remain optimistic about their chances of earning significant rewards. With over 25 staff members working around the clock, the platform is well-equipped to deliver on its promises and provide a rewarding experience for its users.

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