Nigerians are not the only ones facing poverty – Tinubu

Nigerians are not the only ones facing poverty - Tinubu

In a bid to address the nation’s economic and security challenges, President Bola Tinubu has called on Nigerians to change their mindset and work towards overcoming poverty and insecurity. The President made this call during a meeting with a delegation from the National Assembly at his Lagos residence on Monday.

The President acknowledged that Nigeria is not alone in facing poverty and suffering, but emphasized that it is crucial for the nation to tackle its unique challenges head-on. He highlighted the need to eliminate banditry and terrorism, which he said hinders agricultural productivity and food security.

Tinubu stressed that the country must adopt a change of value system, urging citizens to be more productive and less reliant on rent-seeking activities. He also lamented the prevalence of economic sabotage, including the stealing of electric cables and vandalism of infrastructure.

The President commended the leadership of the National Assembly for their support, which he said has contributed to some of the notable achievements of his administration. However, he acknowledged that the task ahead is daunting and urged Nigerians to come together to overcome the challenges facing the country.

Tinubu assured that his administration is committed to turning things around and addressing the nation’s problems. He emphasized that Nigerians must be all-inclusive in their efforts to overcome poverty and insecurity, and that the country must survive the current hardships.

The President’s call for a change of mindset and a more productive economy has been met with mixed reactions, with some critics saying that it is too late for such a call, while others have welcomed the initiative. Only time will tell if this call will have a significant impact on the nation’s economic and security landscape.

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