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“God told me Tinubu will rule for 8 years” – Umahi

“God told me Tinubu will rule for 8 years” - Umahi

Minister of Works, Senator Dave Umahi, revealed on Sunday that he received a divine revelation from God regarding the future of President Bola Tinubu’s tenure. Umahi made this revelation during an appearance on Channels Television’s Politics Today, where he discussed various infrastructure projects, including the Third Mainland Bridge and the 700km Lagos-Calabar coastal expressway.

Umahi confidently asserted that President Tinubu would complete his eight years in office before leaving, citing the completion of ambitious infrastructure projects as evidence of divine intervention. When questioned about his certainty regarding Tinubu’s re-election, Umahi emphasized the divine origin of the current administration, stating, “The coming onboard of Mr. President is divine. When God starts a thing, He completes it.”

Furthermore, Umahi, who previously served as the governor of Ebonyi State, attributed the success of the administration to divine inspiration, asserting that President Tinubu was chosen by God to rectify the nation’s shortcomings. He expressed his conviction that the administration’s mandate would last for eight years, aligning with God’s plan.

Addressing specific projects, Umahi outlined plans to link major expressways with routes leading to other West African countries, emphasizing the administration’s commitment to regional connectivity and development. He also provided updates on the Third Mainland Bridge, assuring Nigerians that 99 percent of the remedial work on the bridge had been completed and that it would soon reopen to the public.

Umahi highlighted additional measures being taken to enhance security and address illegal activities, such as sand mining, which pose threats to infrastructure projects. He revealed plans to install solar lights and CCTV cameras on the bridge to deter criminal activities and safeguard public assets.

The minister’s remarks sparked widespread interest and debate, with many questioning the role of religion in governance and the extent of divine intervention in political affairs. Some expressed skepticism regarding Umahi’s claims, while others viewed them as a manifestation of faith and optimism in the administration’s agenda.

Critics pointed out potential implications for the separation of church and state, cautioning against the overreliance on religious beliefs in policymaking. However, supporters lauded Umahi’s conviction and praised the administration’s efforts to deliver on its promises, citing tangible progress in infrastructure development as evidence of effective leadership.

As discussions surrounding Umahi’s revelation continue to unfold, Nigerians remain divided on the extent to which faith should influence political decision-making. While some advocate for a secular approach to governance, others maintain that spiritual guidance has a legitimate place in shaping public policy and national development initiatives.

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