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Japa: Trump promises US green card for foreign graduates

Trump promises US green card for foreign graduates

In a surprise move, Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, has announced that he is willing to grant green cards to foreign students who graduate from US colleges. This marks a significant departure from his previous hardline stance on immigration.

Speaking in a podcast, Trump emphasized the need for the US to attract the “best and the brightest” from around the world. He cited examples of international graduates who went back to their home countries after completing their studies, only to become successful entrepreneurs and employers of thousands of people.

Trump argued that US companies need talented individuals who can help drive innovation and growth. He claimed that the current situation, where foreign graduates are forced to leave the country due to visa restrictions, is a missed opportunity for the US economy.

The Republican candidate’s remarks come days after President Joe Biden announced a new citizenship pathway for immigrants married to US nationals and relaxed visa rules for certain categories of migrants. Biden’s move was seen as a response to Trump’s recent efforts to crack down on illegal border crossings and asylum seekers.

While Trump’s comments have sparked optimism among some immigration advocates, they have also raised questions about the feasibility of his proposal. Critics argue that granting green cards to foreign graduates could lead to an influx of low-skilled workers, which could have negative consequences for the labor market.

The issue of immigration is a highly contentious one in the US, with both parties presenting competing visions for reform. Trump’s shift in stance could be seen as an attempt to appeal to moderates and independents who may be more open to a more nuanced approach to immigration.

In any case, Trump’s remarks have set off a heated debate about the role of immigration in the US economy and society. As the presidential election heats up, it remains to be seen whether his proposal will gain traction or remain a campaign promise that ultimately falls by the wayside.

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