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Ukraine Donates 25,000 Tonnes of Wheat to Combat Hunger in Nigeria

Ukraine Donates 25,000 Tonnes of Wheat to Combat Hunger in Nigeria

In response to the escalating crisis of inflation and hunger in Nigeria, Ukraine has stepped up with a donation of 25,000 tonnes of wheat to the Nigerian government.

The donated wheat serves as emergency food assistance to assist 1.3 million vulnerable people in northeast Nigeria.

This initiative, known as the ‘Grain from Ukraine’ initiative, was launched by President Volodymyr Zelensky and facilitated through the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

The donation, announced by Atinuke Akande-Alegbe, spokeswoman for the British High Commission’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, comes at a critical time as soaring food prices push staple meals out of reach for millions of families across Nigeria.

The collaborative effort involved various countries including the UK, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Norway, the Republic of Korea, and Sweden, which transported the wheat from Ukraine to Nigeria.

Cynthia Rowe, the British High Commission development director, emphasized the devastating impact of conflict and regional instability on agriculture and livelihood production in northeast Nigeria. She highlighted the alarming increase in food prices, with staples such as red beans, maize, and sorghum experiencing significant price hikes, exacerbating food insecurity for vulnerable families.

Ukraine Donates 25,000 Tonnes of Wheat to Combat Hunger in Nigeria

Ukraine donates 25,000 tonnes of wheat to combat hunger in Nigeria

David Stevenson, WFP representative and country director in Nigeria, expressed gratitude to the Ukrainian government and other partners for their support through the Grain from Ukraine Initiative.

He underscored the importance of collective action to alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity in conflict-affected areas, emphasizing the need for continued support to ensure food and nutrition assistance for crisis-affected people.

Stevenson also emphasized WFP’s commitment to supporting the government in restoring and unlocking the agricultural potential of northeast Nigeria. However, he stressed that collective efforts are required to bring peace and stability, ensure stable markets, and generate employment in collaboration with Nigerian private sector partners.

The urgent need for funding was highlighted, with WFP requiring $154 million for the next six months to continue providing food and nutrition assistance to crisis-affected people in northeast and northwest Nigeria.

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