VIDEO: “We Have Inferior Weapons To Fight Boko Haram” – Soldiers Lament

Another video has surfaced showing men of the Nigerian military lamenting that they are given inferior weapons against Boko Haram’s superior weapons in the raging war against the insurgents.

” Many men don fall o (many of our men have died). We just got to go house (We have to go home). If Nigeria is ready they call us back to fight those idiots but we do not have adequate weapons to fight them. We are going home to be with our families. Weapons make a soldier. Without weapons, you are not a soldier.” One of the men said in the video.

The military authorities have earlier refuted these claims saying the soldiers are not given inferior weapons against the insurgents.

However, several videos posted online suggest otherwise. Most of these videos have soldiers in combat lamenting the weapons they are given for combat.

This is coming as another video surfaced showing policemen in their hundreds lamenting deplorable welfare conditions by the government in the fight against Boko Haram.


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