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prophet banned from casinos after winning $30,000 using “winning formula” from God

prophet banned from casinos after winning $30,000 using "winning formula" from God

A self-proclaimed prophet and leader of the Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Sect, Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa, has won a substantial amount of money at a casino in Zimbabwe. According to reports, he took home £23,487 ($30,000), claiming that God had given him a winning formula.

While some might view this as a stroke of luck, Archbishop Mutumwa attributes his success to divine intervention. He claims that he received a vision from the Lord, which guided him to place his bets. The clergyman believes that his win is not just a matter of chance, but rather a test of his faith.

However, not everyone is convinced. Casino managers are said to be concerned that Archbishop Mutumwa’s win was not simply down to chance, and are worried that he may be receiving unfair help from above. As a result, they have banned him from playing at their establishments.

Archbishop Mutumwa has used his winnings to pay school fees for some of his congregation members and provide start-up funds for businesses. He has also taken the opportunity to defend gambling, arguing that it is a way to use God’s blessings to uplift those in need.

Despite the controversy surrounding his win, Archbishop Mutumwa remains confident in his faith. He believes that God works in mysterious ways and sees his win as a blessing from above. While some might view his claims as suspicious, Archbishop Mutumwa remains steadfast in his conviction that his success is a testament to the power of faith.

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