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Governor Alex Otti Clears Pension Arrears for Retirees, Promises Timely Payments

Gov Otti vows to get rid of criminals in Abia Cattle market
Gov Otti vows to get rid of criminals in Abia Cattle market

Governor Alex Otti of Abia State announced on Friday that the State Government has successfully cleared all pension arrears for retirees in the state.

Speaking during the monthly media parley in Umuahia, Governor Otti disclosed that approximately 12,500 retirees have had their pensions and arrears settled, amounting to over N9 billion out of the allocated N10 billion.

Governor Otti reiterated his administration’s commitment to fulfilling its promises, stating that despite facing challenges with a verification exercise, the government has managed to meet its obligation to retirees.

He assured that going forward, pensioners would receive 100% of their entitlements on or before the 28th of every month, emphasizing that the era of pension backlog is over in Abia State.

Furthermore, Governor Otti highlighted the government’s dedication to improving healthcare delivery in the state. He announced a collaboration with a group to provide free medical services, with over 80 medical doctors engaged for the initiative.

These medical personnel will conduct surgeries and offer treatments in the coming days, with logistical support provided, particularly for residents outside the state capital.

Encouraging residents to take advantage of the free medical services, Governor Otti emphasized his administration’s ongoing efforts to retrofit the 948 primary healthcare centers across the state.

In addition to addressing pension and healthcare issues, Governor Otti fielded questions from journalists on various development matters concerning the state.

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