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FCT Administration, Led by Nyesom Wike, Initiates Demolition of Over 500 Buildings Along Karmo Dei-Dei Road Corridor

FCT Administration marks 500 buildings for demolition
FCT Administration marks 500 buildings for demolition

Illegal Markets and Shanties Targeted for Removal to Alleviate Traffic Congestion and Environmental Hazards

The Department of Development Control, operating under the leadership of Nyesom Wike in the FCT Administration (FCTA), has embarked on a demolition exercise targeting over 500 illegal structures and shanties along the Karmo Dei-Dei Road corridor in Abuja.

Mr. Garba Jibril, the Sector Monitor and Assistant Director of the department, spearheaded the operation on Monday, serving 24-hour demolition notices to the operators of the unauthorized markets and dwellings.

Despite multiple prior warnings, the affected owners have persisted in their occupation of the road corridor, prompting the FCTA to take decisive action.

Explaining the necessity of the demolition, Jibril emphasized the disruptive impact these illegal structures have had on road traffic, particularly on market days, as well as the environmental hazards they pose.

He revealed that the FCT Administration had awarded a contract for the construction of the Life Camp – Dei-Dei Road, but the presence of traders on the corridor hindered progress.

Despite efforts to facilitate a smooth transition, including meetings with stakeholders and traditional leaders, traders have been reluctant to relocate to the designated Karmo Market.

Jibril reiterated that the 24-hour notice was non-negotiable, emphasizing that non-compliance would result in consequences for the affected parties.

Furthermore, Jibril expressed optimism that successful relocation from the road corridor to the main market would not only foster a more conducive environment but also facilitate the uninterrupted flow of traffic in the area.

“The FCTA remains committed to upholding urban planning regulations and ensuring the safety and well-being of residents and commuters within the Federal Capital Territory,” he concluded.

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