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Federal Government to Implement 100% Cargo Scanning in Nigerian Ports

Federal Government to Implement 100% Cargo Scanning in Nigerian Ports

The Federal Government (FG) has announced plans to transition from physical inspection to 100% scanning of cargo within Nigerian ports.

This decision, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, will involve procuring four additional scanners to supplement the existing one, according to Olufemi Oloruntola, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Transportation, Marine, and Blue Economy.

Speaking during a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of APM Terminals in Abuja, Oloruntola emphasized the government’s commitment to optimizing port operations to achieve the projected N10 trillion revenue target for the sector.

In related developments, Frederik Klinke, CEO of APM Terminals Nigeria, revealed the company’s significant investments in port infrastructure, particularly at Onne Ports where $110 million has been injected.

Klinke underscored the importance of developing logistics and supply chains to support economic growth, aligning with Nigeria’s goal of reaching a $1 trillion marine economy.

Furthermore, Klinke urged the government to prioritize rail connections to enhance terminal operations at Onne Port and extended an invitation for the Minister of Marine and Blue Economy and the Permanent Secretary to participate in the commissioning of APM Terminal’s upcoming investment in May 2024.

As part of its long-term investment strategy, APM Terminals expressed interest in the development of Badagry Port, initiating discussions with the Badagry Port Development Company to explore potential opportunities as a supplement to the Lagos Port Complex.

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