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Nationwide Strike to Commence Tomorrow as Intervention by NASS, SGF Fails

Labour rejects N62,00 minimum wage offer by FG
Labour rejects N62,00 minimum wage offer by FG

A nationwide strike is set to begin tomorrow after a crucial meeting involving the National Assembly (NASS) leadership, the Executive Arm of the government, and the Organised Labour, including the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), ended in a deadlock.

The four-hour meeting, aimed at averting the proposed strike over the yet-to-be-approved minimum wage, failed to reach a resolution.

The meeting was initiated by the leadership of NASS to address the concerns of the labour unions and to prevent the industrial action. Despite extensive discussions, no agreement was reached.

Trade Union Congress (TUC) President Festus Osifo, speaking after the meeting, emphasized that the union leaders do not have the authority to unilaterally call off the strike. “There was an appeal from the Senate President to call off the strike. On our part, we said we cannot sit here and just call off the strike because we need to report to our people. We will take all their pleas to our organs. For now, we don’t have the powers to call off the strike,” Osifo stated.

The labour unions now plan to report the outcomes of the meeting to their respective organs before making any final decision regarding the strike action.

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