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Delta Monarch Confers Chieftaincy Title on 12-Year-Old Boy for Hunting Achievement

12-yr-old boy conferred Chieftaincy title for hunting Rabbit
12-yr-old boy conferred Chieftaincy title for hunting Rabbit

In a ceremony held on June 5, HRM Obi Henry Ezeagwukpo Jegbefume, the monarch of the Akumazi Kingdom in Delta State’s Ika North East Local Government Area, bestowed the chieftaincy title of “Ogbuchai” upon 12-year-old Abel Ekene.

The young boy earned this prestigious honor after killing a white rabbit while hunting in the bush, a feat celebrated by local tradition.

The monarch commended Master Abel during the ceremony, encouraging him to maintain his exemplary behavior among his peers and to continue respecting his parents and elders within the community.

Speaking to Ika Weekly Newspaper, Abel expressed his joy at receiving the title, pledging to uphold his family’s good name and strive for excellence in all his endeavors.

Abel’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ekene, who reside in Umunede, shared their immense pride and gratitude with Ika Weekly Newspaper, stating, “We are overwhelmed with joy at the elevation of our son. We are indeed thankful to God.”

They further affirmed their commitment to supporting Abel in achieving his dreams, expressing their pride in his accomplishments.

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