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Nigerian Army Declares Eight Persons Wanted in Connection with Killing of 17 Soldiers in Okuama

Death of Soldiers in Okuama: Army Declares 8 Persons Wanted

The Nigerian Army has officially declared eight individuals wanted in connection with the tragic killing of 17 soldiers in the Okuama community, Delta state.

The announcement was made through the army’s official X microblog account on Thursday.

The wanted persons, consisting of seven men and one woman, are identified as follows: Akevwru Daniel Omotegbono, Prof Ekpekpo Arthur, Andaowei Dennis Bakriki, Igoli Ebi (female), Akata Malawa David, Sinclear Oliki, Clement Ikolo Oghenerukevwe, and Reuben Baru.

This declaration comes in the wake of the solemn burial ceremony held on Wednesday, where President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other dignitaries paid their respects to the fallen military personnel who lost their lives in the Okuama community on March 14.

REPORT AFRIQUE reported the brutal killing of 17 Nigerian soldiers in the Okuoma community of Delta State, sparking public outrage and prompting Nigerians to question the tragic incident.

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