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Former Benue Governor’s Residence Set Ablaze by Arsonists

Former Benue Governor's Residence Set Ablaze by Arsonists
Former Benue Governor’s Residence Set Ablaze by Arsonists

Hoodlums suspected to be arsonists have reportedly burned down the residence of the late Aper Aku, a former Benue Governor.

The incident, which occurred in the Gboko area of the state, took place on Monday around 8 a.m.

Governor Aper Aku (1938–1988) served as the elected governor of Benue State, Nigeria, first assuming office in October 1979 and securing reelection in October 1983. However, his tenure was cut short by the military coup in December 1983, which brought General Mohammadu Buhari to power.

According to Aku Deborah, daughter of the late former governor, all occupants of the house were rescued by the police before the inferno engulfed the property.

Deborah recounted a previous incident in March where a man armed with a cutlass had threatened the family, alleging that his goat died after drinking water from their premises. Despite reporting the matter to the police and the man being charged in court, the family faced another harrowing ordeal on Monday morning.

Describing the attack, Deborah stated, “Over 30 men besieged our house… they started destroying the house, killed our dog, broke into the pig house, and carted away all the pigs. They also destroyed our mother’s car.”

The timely intervention of the police prevented further harm to the occupants, but the assailants managed to set the house ablaze, consuming all belongings within. Catherine Anene, spokesperson of the Benue police command, confirmed the incident to journalists on Tuesday.

The family has since reported the matter to relevant authorities, including the governor and speaker of the state, as investigations into the arson continue.

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