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Geometrix Power Plant : Aba Residents Remain in Darkness One Month After Launch (Investigation)

Geometrix Power: Aba Residents Remain in Darkness one Month After Launch of Power Plant (Investigation)
Aba Town

Residents of Aba, the commercial city of Abia state have remained in darkness despite the launch of the $800m Geometrix Power Plant in the city in February, 2024.

The 188 Megawatt thermal plant was commissioned by president Bola Ahmed Tinubu in February, 20 years after the project was initiated by a former Minister of Power, Barth Nnaji.

Despite claims that the plant would supply 24 hours uninterrupted electricity power to the city one week after the commissioning, an investigation by REPORT AFRIQUE shows that majority of the city residents have not seen an improvement in power supply one month after the project was launched.

Videos of claims of 24 hours power supply to Aba floods the internet

Geometrix Power Plant: Claims of 24 Hours Uninterrupted Power Supply Only Exists on The Social Media

After the launch of the power plant, the social media went agog with claims of 24 hours uninterrupted power supply in Aba city. Videos of residents claiming they had witnessed a sudden improvement in electricity supply in their areas flooded the internet.

In one of such claims (video shown below), a resident was seen holding a frozen bottled water, likely frozen from the steady power supply, while praising the Abia state governor, Sir Alex Otti, for enabling a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply from the Geometrix Power Plant. He begged the governor to temporary put off the supply as they felt overwhelmed by it.

videos of Claims of 24 Hours Power Supply flooded the internet

This report by REPORT AFRIQUE sought to validate those claims but the reality, as expressed by residents interviewed by our correspondent, proved that the claims of a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply in Aba only existed on the social media.

Our correspondent went round key areas of the city speaking to residents about the power situation in their areas. The responses shows that many residents of Aba city are yet to feel the impact of the much celebrated power plant.

Adaobi Nwadike, a resident at Afule road, in the Afule community area of the city, opposite Living World International Church, Along Aba Owerri road told REPORT AFRIQUE that the area has witnessed poor power supply before and after the launch of the plant.

“We have not had light for days, almost a week now. On the average, we get power supply for less than 10 days in a month.” Nwadike said.

Uche Nwankwo, a welder who owns a welding and fabrication business along Ukaegbu road in Ogbor Hill area of the city told REPORT AFRIQUE that the area has not seen any improvement in power supply since the Geometrix power plant was commissioned.

Geometrix Power: Aba Residents Remain in Darkness one Month After Launch of Power Plant (Investigation)
Ukaegbu Road, Aba

He said the electricity supply, along with the biting economy, has affected his business and made life difficult for him and his family.

“When we hear say dem don launch the plant, we come dey rejoice. We think say Aba go become small London but since then nothing nothing.” Nwankwo narrated in local pidgin parlance to our reporter.

When our reporter visited Folks road, a popular commercial and residential hub in Aba, the area had no power supply. Residents said they had noticed a slight improvement in power but it was still not as talked about on social media.

Improved Power Supply on Line 33 Federal Power Route

Geometrix Power: Aba Residents Remain in Darkness one Month After Launch of Power Plant (Investigation)
Ogbor Hill, Aba

Despite the outcry by many residents of Aba on the continuous epileptic power supply in most parts of the city, residents on the Line 33 Federal route seemed to have witnessed an improved electricity supply.

The Line 33 Federal power route covers certain areas in Ogbor Hill and parts of Ike Akpara areas of the city.

A resident of the Federal Estate in Ogbor Hill, Mrs. Nkechi Nnah, one of the few suburbs hooked on to the Line 33 feeds, told REPORT AFRIQUE that they had witnessed an improved power supply since the launched of the Geometrix Power Plant.

” We have seen an improvement in our power supply after the launch of the power plant. Some how we have always enjoyed a better supply because we are on a federal line. I am hoping others will feel the improvement too when the new plant is extended to everywhere in Aba.” Mrs Nnah explained.

She, however, noted that the Line 33 has always had a good power supply rate because it is a federal power line.

Notable Road Construction by Alex Otti Administration in Aba

Despite the poor power supply experienced in most parts of Aba, the city wore a new look with the new construction sites spread across the city centre and envisioned by the Alex Otti’s administration.

Very prominent amongst them is construction work ongoing at the Port Harcourt road in Aba. The level of work there was impressive and residents seemed very pleased with the strides of the new governor.

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