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Lagos State Government To Demolish Buildings Failing Integrity Tests After Dosunmu Market Fire

Lagos state approves 40% discount on building permits
Lagos state approves 40% discount on building permits

In response to the recent Dosunmu Market fire outbreak on Lagos Island, the Lagos State Government, led by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has reaffirmed its commitment to demolish buildings that fail integrity tests.

Following the blaze that engulfed two structures on Tuesday, 14 nearby buildings collapsed, prompting concerns about safety in the area.

Governor Sanwo-Olu, while inspecting the site, expressed dismay over the preventable disaster and highlighted the conversion of residential apartments into warehouses as a contributing factor.

He emphasized the need for strict adherence to construction regulations, stating that any property found non-compliant would be brought down.

Addressing the closure of Dosunmu Market indefinitely, the governor assured affected traders of government assistance to help them recover from their losses.

He condemned the negligence that led to the fire and stressed the importance of prioritizing safety measures to avoid future incidents.

Sanwo-Olu concluded by pledging support for those impacted by the fire and urged for a shift towards proactive measures to prevent avoidable accidents, emphasizing the prudent use of resources for progressive initiatives.

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