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Ogun State Governor, Abiodun Pledges 10,000 Housing Units by 2027

Ogun State Governor, Abiodun Pledges 10,000 Housing Units by 2027

Governor Prince Abiodun of Ogun State has made a bold commitment to provide approximately 10,000 housing units before the conclusion of his tenure, aimed at addressing the housing deficit in the state.

During a courtesy visit by the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Mr. Oyetunde Oladimeji Ojo, the governor revealed that his administration has already constructed over 4,000 houses across the state.

Despite challenges posed by the high cost of building materials, Governor Abiodun affirmed the government’s unwavering dedication to fulfilling its responsibility of ensuring adequate shelter for its citizens.

“We have constructed approximately 4,000 affordable houses within four years, and our efforts are ongoing. By the culmination of my tenure, we aim to surpass the 10,000 mark,” stated Governor Abiodun.

He highlighted the success of previous housing projects, including medium and upper-income houses which were fully sold out, offering essential amenities such as infrastructure, water, and internet facilities.

Governor Abiodun also disclosed plans for a new initiative dubbed the “Civil Servants Village,” spanning 50 hectares of land, aimed at providing state workers with opportunities to acquire land and construct their own homes.

Recognizing the significance of trust between the government and its citizens in housing delivery, Governor Abiodun emphasized consultation and alignment with the needs of the people to prevent the proliferation of uninhabitable estates.

In line with national objectives, Governor Abiodun pledged support for President Bola Tinubu’s efforts to provide affordable housing for Nigerians, underscoring the importance of housing in employment generation and achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Furthermore, Governor Abiodun assured the establishment of an online platform for Nigerians in the diaspora to purchase property in the state and monitor their development remotely.

Addressing the FHA delegation, Mr Oladimeji Ojo commended the state government’s housing initiatives and revealed plans by the Federal Government to expedite the provision of affordable housing nationwide.

He reiterated FHA’s commitment to collaborating with state governments to acquire land for the construction of diverse housing categories, including studio apartments for youths, and facilitating digitalization for diaspora property acquisition.

Governor Abiodun assured the FHA of the state government’s willingness to share its housing delivery experiences to support national housing objectives and reiterated the availability of land for federal housing projects across the state.

The details of the meeting were made known to the public via the official X microblog account of the Ogun State government.

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Ogun State Governor, Abiodun pledges 10,000 housing units by 2027

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