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Minimum Wage: I Can’t Afford To pay my drivers N100,000 Monthly Wage-George Akume

Minimum wage: I can't pay four of my drivers N100,000- Akume
George Akume

George Akume, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, has expressed his inability to pay each of his four drivers a monthly wage of N100,000.

This statement comes amidst ongoing discussions about the proposed new minimum wage.

Speaking at a recent Christian community event, Akume highlighted his financial struggles, emphasizing the difficulty of implementing the proposed wage increase. “I can’t afford to pay my drivers N100,000 monthly,” Akume stated, underscoring the economic pressures faced by individuals and institutions alike.

The tripartite committee is currently debating the challenges associated with the new minimum wage structure. Key issues include the feasibility of pay hikes and the broader economic impact. Akume’s remarks reflect the concerns of many stakeholders regarding the financial strain such increases might impose.

The ongoing dialogue aims to find a balanced solution that addresses the needs of workers while considering economic constraints.

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