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Murder-Suicide: Police Attempt To Solve Mysterious Deaths of Two In Coventry

Murder-Suicide: Unsolved Deaths Of Two In Coventry

Inquests are to be held for two people, Marian and Vicala Gheorghe, who died in what is now suspected to be a ‘murder-suicide’ in Caludon Road in Stoke, Coventry.

Police is investigating the deaths of Marian and Vicala Gheorghe, who both died in an incident that happened at around on April 5..

Officers have conducted enquiries in the neighborhood trying to crack the case.

According to the police report on the accident that claimed their lives, 52-year-old Marian died at the scene, while mum-of-six Vicala was said to have been ‘stabbed.

Murder-Suicide: Unsolved Deaths Of Two In Coventry
Vicala Gheorghe

‘She was taken to University Hospital Coventry but died a short time later, said West Midlands Police.

 Police suggest Marian attacked Vicala before taking her own life. The mystery of the deaths is yet unsolved. Officers continue investigations with the hope of solving the puzzle and unravelling the facts associated with the two deaths.

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